The history of TOX®


The success story started in 1978

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK was established in 1978 by Eugen Rapp. Today, the family business with more than 1,400 employees worldwide is one of the global system providers of products and technologies for industrial joining and pressing for all kinds of industries.

It all began with the introduction of powerful drives for production machines - the proven pneumohydraulic drive system TOX® Powerpackage. The electrical high-tech solution is our TOX® ElectricDrive. A large number of sheet metal joining procedures provides you with a variety of options with regard to product development. We have been supplying the industry now for 40 years with drives, presses and different tools for clinching, punching, pressing-in and riveting applications. The automotive industry in particular relies on our innovative technologies all over the world.

The headquarters and main production site, as well as our technology center, are located in Weingarten in South Germany. Further production sites can be found in the USA, China, India, Brazil and the Czech Republic. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK is represented worldwide in 40 countries and provides you with quick and comprehensive support at any time.

Presentation at the Hanover Industrial Fair 1981

Production of the TOX® Powerpackages in the early 1980s

Foundation of the subsidiary in the USA in 1985

A fire destroys the production site in Germany in December 1985

Mr. Rapp receives the innovation award for the TOX® Joint

The head office of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK in Weingarten 1990

Official opening of our own company building in China 1993

More than 40 years of innovation and success. Since 1978.


  • Market launch of TOX® FlexPress Compact


  • Market launch of TOX® ElectricDrive Core


  • Extensions of the factories in India and China


  • Extension of the office and production buildings in Germany


  • Extension of the production areas in Brazil

  • Extension of the production areas in Germany

  • Foundation of the subsidiary TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK Czech Republic


  • Foundation of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK Mexico

  • Extension of the production areas in the USA


  • New administration building and new canteen


  • Extension of buildings at the headquarters in Germany

  • Opening of the new production halls in December 2015


  • First TOX®-Applied-Engineering-Award, an award for outstanding academic performance at the Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Ravensburg-Weingarten (University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten)


  • Extension of the production areas in Germany und Korea. Laying the foundation stone for the new location in Brazil, and the extensions in China, Japan and India.


  • TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK extends its modular range of presses with presses for press-in nuts, bolts and solid punch rivets


  • On 9 March, TOX® ElectricDrive number 1000 is delivered


  • The TOX® Powerpackage line-Q is presented, as well as the servo controller line-Q for the TOX® ElectricDrive.

  • The line-X series supplements the area for customer-specific drive solutions

  • TOX® MICROpoint and TOX® TWINpoint open up new perspectives for special clinching applications


  • TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK moves into its own company buildings in China, Japan and India

  • Foundation of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK Poland

  • Handover of the joint venture in Brazil to TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK's own subsidiary


  • Introduction of the TOX® Process Monitoring CEP 400

  • Setup a production site in India


  • Introduction of the TOX® FinePress range. With a complete range of presses and accessories, we successfully position ourselves in the small press market.

  • TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK Korea moves into their own company building

  • Foundation of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK India, Pune and TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


  • Extension of the production capacities in China


  • The ClinchRivet® is used in numerous assembly lines – a new alternative to the conventional rivet

  • TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK celebrates its 25th company anniversary


  • Introduction of TOX® ElectricDrive – operator-friendly servo drives as a complete package consisting of hardware and software.


  • ISO certification

  • Foundation of our own company in Japan


  • Extension of the company buildings in Germany und the USA. Introduction of SAP.


  • Delivery of the 100,000th TOX® Powerpackage Cylinder


  • Foundation of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK in Korea to strengthen our presence on the Asian market


  • Start of production in China and setup of a Chinese sales organization


  • Intensification of export activities

  • Foundation of subsidiaries and commercial agencies in smaller markets


  • The TOX® Round Joint is used for the first time in automotive engineering. Its use in gearbox casings and sunroofs starts a success story.


  • First applications of the TOX® Round Joint in series production (office chair)


  • Introduction of the TOX® joining technology “clinching”


  • Foundation of PRESSOTECHNIK Ltd. in Chicago, USA


  • Development of a cylinder for resistance welding tongs


  • Development of the complete TOX® Powerpackage product line.


  • Foundation of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH in Germany. Introduction of the first Powerpackage cylinder.