TOX® at the Battery Show Europe: Perfect connections for the energy transition


TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK supports battery manufacturers with technologies that ensure long-lasting electrical and mechanical connections. These can be seen at the Battery Show Europe (June 18 to 20, Stuttgart). Highlights at stand F86 in hall 6 are the TOX ElectricDrive Core servo press system in combination with the UDI Panel and the TOX FlexPress assembly workstation.

Manufacturers, suppliers and decision-makers meet at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart to discuss the latest developments in the battery and automotive industry. TOX® with its drive and press systems as well as the various control units will not be missing.

At stand F86 in hall 6, the fastening experts will be showcasing the TOX® ElectricDrive Core servo press system: the combination of drive, controller and software is quickly integrated, collects data and therefore meets the requirements for predictive maintenance. The lean control architecture saves the user costs: with the TOX® ElectricPowerDrive, a servomotor provides the optimum drive torque. A screw drive converts this directly into a linear movement that acts directly on the working piston. The efficient combination of maintenance-free motor and screw drive develops pressing forces of 0.02 to 1,000 kilonewtons.

Saving and processing data

The system can be seen at the trade fair in combination with the TOX® UDI (Universal Data Interface) panel. This has an integrated PC and works with the TOX® software on a hardened Linux operating system for optimum IT security. The user can control the system, visualize the processes and save and process data via the built-in touchscreen.

The central element of the intuitive panel is the implemented TOX® software with middleware functionality. It processes data from processes and then makes it available for various communication standards such as MQTT or OPC UA. The user can also store the data on the internal hard disk or on the server via the network. Relevant process data is displayed using the intuitive TOX® software.

Ergonomic assembly workstation

Visitors to the stand will also learn how they can organize their assembly work economically and ergonomically. The TOX® FlexPress Compact is an assembly workstation that delivers precise results and captures data seamlessly. The system is available with capacities of 5, 10, 30 and 60 kilonewtons. The designers paid particular attention to ergonomics: workers control the assembly workstation easily via a 15-inch UDI panel, which combines operation, process monitoring and analysis. A USB hand scanner, a sliding table and the height-adjustable base frame make handling easier if required. The illuminated work area also simplifies operation: if the status display lights up green after completion of a cycle, the next step can follow. If the light is red, the component does not meet the required quality characteristics and the employee can react immediately.

A quiet and fast electric safety gate ensures safety. The beveled top edge allows an unrestricted view of components and tools in the work area. Thanks to its special design, the TOX® FlexPress Compact is particularly quiet, saves space and can be extended with an I/O module or an external start button. The new TOX® ElectricControl Core control concept does away with the need for a cabinet. The often bulky enclosure has been embedded inside the press. Even with the base frame, the space requirement in the workshop is less than one square meter.

The TOX® ElectricDrive Core servo press system is an efficient solution for networked production.

The TOX® UDI panel combines the control and visualization of a system with the storage and processing of relevant process data; it is available as a mobile hand-held control unit or as a built-in and surface-mounted version in three sizes.

FlexPress Compact - Kompakter Handarbeitsplatz mit lückenloser Prozessüberwachung

The TOX® FlexPress Compact assembly workstation masters joining technologies such as clinching, riveting or the press-fitting of functional elements, but can also be used for any other process.


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TOX® at the Battery Show Europe: Hall 6, Stand F86

TOX® at the Battery Show Europe: Hall 6, Stand F86