TOX® FlexPress Compact with ESD certification: No danger from electrical discharge


Manufacture electronic components without damage from voltage breakdowns? This is now possible with the compact manual workstation from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. The specialist for servo presses has had the FlexPress Compact ESD-certified.

Anyone who produces electronic devices is aware of the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD): large potential differences cause voltage breakdowns. The product - a semiconductor, for example - either breaks immediately or suffers unpleasant consequential damage due to malfunctions. TOX® also knows that it is essential to prevent ESD in the manufacture of electronic components. This is why the machine manufacturer has now had its TOX® FlexPress Compact ESD-certified on the basis of the IEC DIN EN 61340-5-1 standard. "It was important to us to give users a safe and good feeling when they use our manual workstation," explains Patricia Rundel, who, as Product Manager at TOX®, is also responsible for updating the FlexPress Compact.

Flexible and space-saving

Its small installation space makes the servo press the ideal manual workstation for electronic components and laboratory applications. The device occupies a footprint of just 425 x 703 millimeters on a table. With just a few clicks, the user can create a new process via the 15-inch UDI (Universal Data Interface) panel on the controller. This is important because the standard press can be used flexibly for all joining variants - its tool can be quickly converted to technologies such as clinching, riveting or press-fitting. TOX® has also integrated the control cabinet into the press housing to reduce the space required by the bench press.

The TOX® ElectricPowerDrive electromechanical drive, which drives the press at 5, 10, 30 or 60 kilonewtons depending on the variant, is located under a noise-reducing cover. An integrated sensor system records every process and supplies the data to the process monitoring system. It evaluates the information, creates analyses and thus ensures the traceability of each component. Safe operation is ensured by a quiet, fast-closing electric safety door and RGBW lighting in the work area: red means the parts are not OK, green means everything is in order.

Thanks to its integrated sensors and flexibility, the TOX® FlexPress Compact is ideal for precise tasks or small components in micro and series assembly. In short: wherever changing components require the replacement of tools and users want to record process and quality data seamlessly.

Sicher und zuverlässig: Die FlexPressCompact mit ESD-Zertifizierung

The TOX® FlexPress Compact is now available with ESD certification, allowing users in the electronics industry to manufacture their products without damage from voltage breakdowns.

For Product Manager Patricia Rundel, the update of the TOX® FlexPress Compact was important so that users feel safe when using the manual workstation.

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