TOX® PowerKurver


Versatile, fast feed stroke and high press force

For example, when tightening, positioning or bending is required, a linear force with high repeat accuracy is required, which can also be generated at points that are difficult to access.

The cam press TOX® PowerKurver has the following properties:

  • Linear force in the power stroke area due to adapted curve geometry

  • Constant torque via a defined closing angle

  • Fast feed stroke

  • Gently deployed power stroke

  • High press forces at low air pressure

  • Low air consumption

  • High stroke frequencies

  • Compact design

  • Absorption of high lateral forces

  • Adjustability of the tool transverse axis

The TOX® PowerKurver consists of basic device, crossbeams, tools and accessories. Here, the crossbeams, tools and accessories are adapted to your specific requirements.

In detail

The TOX® PowerKurver KKG 90 already provides 60 kN with a projection of 100 mm and a tool opening of 8 mm. At the end of the closing movement, up to 90 kN is then provided across a distance of 3.5 mm.

Press force: 20 - 90 kN
Opening angle: 30 ° / 45 ° / 60 ° / 75 ° / 90 °



Data Sheet 90.30: TOX® PowerKurver

TOX® PowerKurver Typ KKG 90