FAQs about the TOX® Powerpackage

Frequently asked questions


Which types of hydraulic oil can be used in Powerpackages and X-KT Systems?
May nitrogen or CO2 be used instead of compressed air?
What is the maximum radial force that the Powerpackage can absorb?
Do Powerpackages and X-KT Systems fall under the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU?
Why does a Powerpackage have a declaration of incorporation and not a CE marking?
May Powerpackages be used in potentially explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX directive?
How long can a Powerpackage be stored and what needs to be considered when storing seals and hydraulic hoses?

Pneumatics and air supply

Is it possible to operate a 6 bar Powerpackage with a higher air pressure?
Can an electric proportional pressure control valve be used instead of a pressure control valve in the power stroke line?
What grade of compressed air supply is permissible for power packs?
Can oil leakage occur on Powerpackages and what are the possible reasons?


With a Powerpackage, may the entire stroke length be used up to the end stop?
How can the stroke frequency of a powerpackage be speed up?
Any further questions on the TOX® Powerpackage?

Any further questions on the TOX® Powerpackage?


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