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Serviceleistungen bei TOX®

True service means partnership!

Maximum operating time - minimum downtimes

Our wide-ranging services and tailored solutions will support you in using TOX® products as economically and efficiently as possible. Around the globe.

Our service specialists will be pleased to assist you, as true service means partnership for us. We provide the following services, amongst others.


If very large and complex systems have been delivered and installed at the production site, we come to you and commission your system. We will ensure that the machine starts operating to your satisfaction.

Configuration of components

TOX® components are to be installed or replaced on a system: We handle the installation, commissioning and fine tuning, until everything runs smoothly.


Production monitoring

We will monitor the initial production on request. Right from commissioning or later: we get there, are available on site, and will answer any questions you may have.


Regular maintenance

Cyclical reviews (machine audits) are necessary to be able to proactively schedule maintenance and repair measures.

  • Mechanical testing of the whole machine

  • Checking the drive system

  • Checking the control system

  • Checking the tools

Safety inspection

To meet applicable legal requirements, regular safety checks must be performed on the production machines (holding time measurement in accordance with BGR724 and DIN 13855).

Comparison measurements

To ensure consistent production quality, it is advisable to regularly check components such as process monitoring units and sensors.

  • Checking proper condition and function of the force sensors

  • Checking the measuring chain

  • Checking the current state and calibration with external force sensor

  • Documentation

  • Changes are only made following agreement with the quality assurance department or the person responsible for the customer

Remote maintenance

According to the motto “Remote diagnosis instead of long-distance travel", remote maintenance provides quick support. Using remote access to controls and computers, a cost-efficient and responsive remote diagnosis can be made, and a fault can be resolved quickly.

Repair service and spare parts

On-site repair

Large systems can usually only be repaired on site. In this case, we will get to you as quickly as possible to perform the repair.

In-house repairs

Components that can be dismounted (e.g. drives or tools) can be sent to us. Following inspection, these are repaired as required and returned to you. We will also be happy to perform urgent repairs.

Spare parts

We keep common spare parts in stock. Whether you need spare parts for repair, new tools (e.g. clinch punches and dies) or switches and cables, we deliver everything quickly and reliably across the world.

Some of our customers with several devices from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK or with complex machines have their own selection of spare parts for their system in stock. In this case, the maintenance personnel can respond quickly in emergencies. We can also support you in increasing your efficiency - contact us now! With a spare part and wear part plan, you can perform maintenance measures yourself. Describe your situation to us - we will be happy to help you! To contact form.

Downloads such as the accompanying form for repairs or the assembly conditions can be found at the bottom of the page.

Conversion & optimization (incl. retooling)

Older machines can be used for further technologies with structural changes and new tools. We will take care of the installation of retrofits, but also the deconstruction, i.e. the dismantling of parts or entire machines.


New software, safety updates and the like ensure optimum functionality of your system.

Predictive Maintenance


For predictive maintenance and repair tasks, vacation time is a popular choice. If an interruption of business is planned at your premises, we can provide wide-ranging support:

  • Replacement and wear parts: TOX® components must be replaced on a system: We take care of timely provision.

  • Technical advice: Before an interruption of business, we are available, for example to advise you on optimizing measures on site.

  • Support with regard to installation and training: We will be pleased to support you by providing competent assembly workers for the replacement of TOX® components or to train your employees for the upcoming work.

With early planning of your activities (at least 8 to 12 weeks before the planned requirement), we can offer you attractive terms for your spare parts order.

Our products work very efficiently over long periods of time. However, regular tests, maintenance and adjustments for preserving the efficiency and safety of your devices are recommended. Regardless of whether it is the wear of tools, the total sum of strokes of a drive or the condition of hoses and cables, our competent service employees keep your devices working. We provide a tailored maintenance service for all your products and machines.

This is how you benefit from our maintenance service:

  • You maximize the operating time of your machines and components

  • You minimize downtimes

  • You extend the service life of your production facilities

  • You increase the safety of your applications

You have questions?

You have questions?

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