Technology laboratory


TOX® Technologie Labor mit Machbarkeitsprüfung

Which process is suitable for your application?

You want to join sheet metals or other materials and do not know which process would be best? We will test this in advance, in our test lab. Just get in touch with us. Send us your sample application, and we will test and analyze it.

First of all, we will determine all relevant parameters, such as the required press force or the tool geometry. In addition, we will clarify which technology, which procedure and which system are suitable.

Documented quality

You have ordered your ideal system and we will deliver this soon. However, in advance of this delivery, we always check and document the actual process results. Therefore, you will receive acceptance reports, test reports and a declaration of conformity or declaration of installation with your new system.

Specifically, you will get:

  • a record of the delivery state of the system,

  • proof of the connection parameters,

  • a documentation of the press-in and extraction forces as well as

  • a documentation of the maximum permissible torques.

Our lab services

Measurement of the extraction and rim hole resistance as well as implementation of the torsional strength test in accordance with DVS/EFB 3480-1

Examination of the functional element – together with the customer component – with regard to accessibility, press forces, interference contours and clock times

Mechanical and electrical tests of the overall system as well as technological acceptance including test run with a defined number of elements

Creation of pre-production samples

Optimization of your series production with regard to process quality, process stability and clock times

Production of test samples to determine the ideal application

Feasibility check for the TOX® Clinching Technology

To determine whether clinching is the suitable procedure for your sheet metal connection, we additionally offer you a feasibility check free of charge. For this, we carry out a reconciliation of your task with our database.

The result of the technology evaluation: We provide you with all data relevant for your application and the guaranteed strength values of the TOX® Round Joint. The results can – depending on your specifications – deviate from the actual geometrical values, process data and carrying capacities. For a unique test report, the next step provides the opportunity for an examination with your original material.

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