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TOX® UDI Panel extends portfolio of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK

Portfolio extension

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK extends its portfolio and launches the TOX®-UDI (Universal Data Interface) Panel as smart addition to the products of the latest software generation on the market. It has an integrated PC and works with the TOX®-Software on a hardened Linux operating system for optimum IT security. Users can use the integrated touchscreen to control and visualize the system as well as store and handle process data.

Das TOX® UDI Panel

A central element of the intuitive panel is the implemented TOX® Software with so-called middleware functionality. It handles data from processes and makes them available for different communication standards such as MQTT or OPC UA. Furthermore, the information can be stored on the internal hard drive or via the network on the server. Relevant process data are shown by the intuitive TOX® Software. “Functionality reaches far beyond that of a visualizing Human Machine Interface (HMI). The Universal Data Interface paves the way to digital connection with regard to IoT and Industry 4.0”, says the responsible Product Manager Fabian Bodenstein.

Users can apply the panel wherever the TOX® Software 3.x is used, for example for the TOX® ElectricDrive Core drive solution. This can be used to store quality data and transmit them to the cloud. As central intelligence and visualization of the user interface, the control panel is already integrated on the TOX® FlexPress Compact assembly workstation as standard. Machining results are clearly visualized and are transmitted to higher systems where applicable.

A 240 GB hard drive, for the 21 inch version, the hard drive has 256 GB, provides the option to archive and track data. The UDI Panel is easy to mount and well protected against contamination and other negative environmental influences by the closed design without fan in accordance with IP66. It is suitable for ambient temperatures from 0 to +40 degrees Celsius. For mounting on a support arm or as installation variant, the UDI Panel is available in 13 and 21 inches. There is also a 10 inch panel as handheld version. For applications that do not require a display, the new system is also available as a control cabinet version TOX® UDI Module.

The panel combines the control and visualization of a system with the storage and processing of process data and provides interfaces to the cloud. (e.g., via MQTT or OPC UA)

The 10-inch version is designed as handy operating panel.

The touch panel is intuitive to operate and makes relevant process data available clearly.


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