TOX® FlexPress Compact


Flexible to use for assembly tasks of all kinds

The industrial demands on individual joints of several components are continuously growing with regard to data acquisition and evaluation. To ensure a consistently high quality, it is usually no longer sufficient to declare assembled components as in order or not in order manually. The traceability of individual joints is of particular relevance here. 
Safe production, which corresponds to highest quality requirements, can only be ensured with the identification and analysis of own process data and a valid data basis.

FlexPress Compact - Kompakter Handarbeitsplatz mit lückenloser Prozessüberwachung

Possible versions

The TOX® FlexPress Compact is an electric press workstation for precise work results with seamless process monitoring. Proven mechanics and decades of know-how in press construction meet process monitoring with state-of-the-art features and a sophisticated control concept.
Available in four versions: 5kN, 10kN, 30kN, 60kN.

FlexPress Compact – the compact manual workstation

Proven mechanics, compact footprint

The workstation is driven by the electromechanical servo presses of the TOX® ElectricDrive series. The drives of type EQe-K and EXe-K with integrated force and path sensors are used for this purpose. The press construction consists of a welded frame, on which the drive, the safety equipment, the casing and drive cover are mounted. This construction promises a long service life and creates an agreeable noise level for operators.

This makes operation of the FlexPress Compact not only very quiet, but also means a small footprint. All technologies mastered by TOX® can be realized on just 425 mm x 703 mm x 1402 mm. Even with base frame/table, this corresponds to less than 1 qm in the workshop.

FlexPress Compact - Intuitives Steuerungskonzept - maximale Sicherheit

Intuitive control concept – maximum safety

You will not find a control cabinet on the FlexPress Compact. The often bulky enclosure of the control is now embedded inside the press with the new ElectricControl Core concept.

The operators control the assembly workstation via the 15" UDI panel. It is operating unit, process monitoring and analysis tool in one – a Universal Data Interface.

FlexPress Compact - der kompakte Handarbeitsplatz mit RGBW-beleuchtetem Arbeitsraum

Ergonomics as credo

Another highlight of the control concept is the RGBW-illuminated work area. This illumination acts as status display following completion of a cycle. In case of a green light, the next work step can follow immediately - in case of a red light, the component does not meet the required quality features. The advantages are the immediate optical feedback for the operators, which allows the focus to remain on the work area and eyes not having to be switched to the operating panel.

Furthermore, additional ergonomic and safety-relevant aspects have been implemented:

  • Electrical safety door - safe, quiet and quick

  • The sloped upper edge enables optimum visibility of the tools and components, independent of the working height

FlexPress Compact Prozessdaten: Von der Erfassung zur Auswertung

Process data: From recording to evaluation

Whether you are working with the TOX® Software as operator, maintenance staff, process engineer, commissioning engineer or quality manager, the HMI impresses with customizable surface as well as clear, freely definable dashboards. Parameterization, operation, process monitoring, diagnosis and evaluation as well as quality management are integrated in the TOX® Software and TOX® SystemControl Core:

  • Ethernet transfer of process data archiving and much more

  • 5000 diagram points per track

  • 10 tracks in a diagram

  • 5 windows per process freely definable

The FlexPress Compact is perfectly prepared for function extensions in the tool room:

  • 2 M12 inputs for component sensors

  • 1 Ethercat connection for intelligent bus module

  • 1 pneumatic connection 

Flexibility of application

All technologies mastered by TOX® can be realized on the assembly workstation. Whether it is accurate pressing-in and pressing-on processes, or simple clinch connections – the FlexPress Compact comprehensively covers the technology portfolio from TOX®.

The simple configuration of the desired process and a quick tool change ensure maximum flexibility for the application. For example, the manual workstation enables the production of prototypes in small quantities in the early shift, to then be switched over to series production of other components for the late shift. You can also obtain the associated tools in accordance with your ideas and wishes directly from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK at the same time.

With the Ethernet-based I/O module, you can also expand the functionality many times over, for example:

  • Spraying device for spraying the workpiece surface and/or the tools

  • Clamp for holding and clamping workpieces. Designed for maximum accuracy.

  • Intelligent bus module in the work area and additional component sensors and force and displacement sensors

  • Pneumatic valves

  • Electric actuators for automatic regulation and control of auxiliary processes

Expand your FlexPress Compact

I/O module
Ethernet-based I/O modules bundle the data and link individual components such as electric actuators, component clamps or spray units.
External start button
External start button for easy start of the process in series production.
Sliding table
Sliding tables position components with pinpoint accuracy and are particularly in demand for insertion work outside the work area.
Height adjustable base
Height-adjustable base frame, which meets ergonomic requirements even in shift operation with changing workers.
USB hand scanner
Hand scanner for reading various codes.


Brochures and data sheets

Brochure: TOX® Presses

Press frames and accessories

Data sheet 60.20: TOX® FlexPress Compact

Compact manual workstation with seamless process monitoring