Process monitoring


Stable processes for your production

Production processes are becoming ever more complex. Quality requirements are increasing and your production equipment can support you in this challenge. The goal is reproducible precision, reliable storage of data and tracking of component information. Especially for the production of high quality products in large quantities, reliable monitoring is essential. The TOX® process monitoring systems offer all possibilities for measurement, analysis and storage of processes and support the manufacturer in the implementation of quality requirements.

Industry Panel PC

TOX® UDI Panel - the control, visualization and process monitoring solution. Behind the robust, machined aluminum housing is a powerful PC, which provides you with a glance into the system data in real-time.

The functionality thus extends far beyond that of a visualizing Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) touch screen panel: A Universal Data Interface (UDI), ready to digitally connect your processes for Industry 4.0.

TOX® UDI Panel
TOX® UDI Panel
TOX® UDI Panel
The TOX® UDI Panel is a touch panel with integrated PC and the TOX® Software on a hardened Linux® operating system. It combines the control and visualization of your system with the storage and processing of the process data. This makes the UDI Panel the ideal complement to every solution of the latest generation from TOX®.

Available in 10", 15" and 21"

Protection class IP66

Ambient temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C

The solution for every application

During the development of the UDI panel, great importance was attached to a powerful and at the same time robust design:

  • Touch panel and PC in one: Easy assembly and cabling

  • Hardened Linux® operating system for maximum IT security: TOX® OperatingSystem

  • Exchange of quality data: Compatible with a large number of protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA (for example XML or JSON)

  • Option for archiving and traceability: 250 GB SSD harddrive

  • IP66 protection class: Protection against dust and water

  • Without fan and other slots: Well protected against contaminations and environmental influences


Take advantage of the UDI Panel as comprehensive solution for the processing of your quality data. Process configuration and visualization of the work processes can be realized directly on the UDI Panel by means of the intuitive TOX® Software. For very different applications with our electromechanical servo presses , the FlexPress Compact  or the robot and machine tongs . The UDI Panel was developed specifically for the systems from TOX® and provides you with relevant information that you require for your process safety at all times.

For mounting on the support arm or as installation variant, the UDI Panel is available in sizes 15" and 21". Furthermore, there is a 10" version solely for visualization and operation. For applications not requiring a display, you can also get the Universal Data Interface as control cabinet version TOX® UDI Modules.

CAD data?

CAD data?

We make detailed CAD data about the process monitoring available to you.

Monitoring for pressing processes

The TOX® Pressing Monitors monitor processes for which accurately defined, functional connections between force and displacement must be proven. But in addition to being used in fully automatic production lines, the EPW can also often be found at simple manual workstations, for example during quality control in goods receipt.


  • Monitoring of press-in and joining processes over force-displacement processes

  • Window technology for threading in, process, hysteresis, increase, block dimension/block force

  • Input via touchscreen

  • CANopen, Ethernet, USB On-Board

  • Data recording, configuration with TOX® Software via Ethernet

  • Comfortable diagnostic tools

  • Statistic setting in the device

  • Installation and wall assembly version available

  • Comprehensive sensor program, all common sensors connectable

TOX® Pressing Monitor EPW 400
TOX® Pressing Monitor EPW 400
TOX® Pressing Monitor EPW 400
The TOX® Pressing Monitor EPW 400 continuously monitors pressing processes, thus ensuring quality assurance during production.

64 measuring programs

10 windows per test program

Ring buffer for 1000 values for time stamp

Display of the last 10 measured curves

5.7" touchscreen

TOX® Pressing Monitor EPW 500
TOX® Pressing Monitor EPW 500
TOX® Pressing Monitor EPW 500
The EPW 500FP is an economical alternative of the EPW 400. It is specifically designed for manual workstations such as the TOX® FinePress small presses.

128 measuring programs

10 windows per test program

Ring buffer for 1000 values for time stamp

Display of the last 10 measured curves

7" color touchscreen

Process monitoring for clinch processes

The CEP 400T process monitoring was specifically designed for clinching. It helps you to fully monitor the quality parameters of the process and document them.

Force sensors measure the press force during the joining process. The travel measuring system monitors the cylinder movement to ensure compliance with the reference dimension "X". When the travel measuring system signals that the reference dimension "X" (BDC of the joining path) has been reached, the measured press forces are compared with the nominal press forces. The TOX® Joint is OK if the measured press force is within the specified press force range. The resulting residual bottom thickness "X" is proportional to the shear and pull strength, as long as joining parameters and expected service life of the TOX® Tools are observed and complied with accordingly.

TOX® Clinch Monitoring CEP 400T
TOX® Clinch Monitoring CEP 400T
TOX® Clinch Monitoring CEP 400T
Clinch monitoring with touchscreen. Available with 1, 2, 4, 8 or 12 channels for simultaneous monitoring of multiple processes. Operators, fitters, plant manufacturers and manufacturers can each access their own password levels.

Real names for program storage, 40 characters possible

64 sensor configurations per channel

16 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs

Status display menu of the digital I/O parts

Last value storage for up to 1000 values with time stamp

TOX® Software for parameterization and data recording

Window technology


Data sheets

Data sheet 100.10: TOX® Pressing Monitors

Real-time monitoring of production processes

Data sheet 100.20: TOX® Process Monitoring

Process monitoring for clinching and joining processes

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Control panels and Controls

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