Servo press TOX® ElectricDrive

Electromechanical Drives

TOX® ElectricDrive - Elektromechanische Antriebe in einer Roboterzelle

Servo presses at a glance

Modular electro-mechanical servo drive systems with press forces of up to 1000 kN. From a single system to a complex drive solution in special machine building – we supply perfect concepts for a large number of technologies and processes.

  • Energy-efficient, highly accurate and maintenance-free drive with force and stroke control

  • Press force of 0.02 kN up to 1000 kN by means of servo motor and screw drive

  • Simple functional upgrade thanks to decentralized intelligence TOX® Edge Unit

  • Plug & Play and fast integration due to preconfigured and calibrated system

  • Industry 4.0-capable thanks to state-of-the-art process monitoring

  • Can be used for numerous applications: Joining, pressing and assembling, forming, checking and testing

  • Highest safety possible up to performance level e in compliance with EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 in compliance with EN/IEC 62061

The innovative servo press system

Our joining modules - It is your choice

Components of the servo press system

The TOX® ElectricDrive Core System consists of the servo press TOX® ElectricPowerDrive, the controller unit TOX® PowerModuleCore and the cable set. Also included in the scope of delivery as standard is the TOX® Software , which can be installed independent of the operating system on your Windows or Linux PC or on the optional TOX® UDI Panel . It is used for the parameterization and configuration of all system parameters and for the visualization of data or storage of quality data or archiving on a server.

The electrical drive TOX® ElectricPowerDrive

Servo inverter and central interface TOX® PowerModule Core

Intuitive TOX® software for operation, visualization and process monitoring

The joining module - TOX® ElectricPowerDrive

Decentralized intelligence

Operating principle of the servo press

Software and application

Servo inverter

The solution for every application

If the focus is on high flexibility, high dynamics and precision, joining systems are the ideal basis for presses and robot tongs. With the electromechanical drive system TOX® ElectricDrive Core, TOX® realizes modular servo presses that are easy to configure. They are suited to a wide range of applications.

Which application do you have?

Pressing and compressing
Example: Pressing and compressing of fuel cell stacks
Example: Attaching the bearing and snap ring in the brake drum at the same time
Example: Crimping of electrodes on pacemakers
Example: Mounting of pulleys for electric motors
Checking and measuring
Example: Checking the spring force of an electric motor's plate spring
Holding and tensioning
Example: Pressing plastic parts onto surfaces under heat and holding down
Example: Destructive reaction tests of batteries of all types
Punching and precision cutting
Example: Punching of rubber flickers for motor head seals

Servo presses TOX® ElectricDrive Core - Explained in 7 minutes