TOX® Software

The intuitive software for your production

TOX® Software - die intuitive Software für die Industrie 4.0

The intuitive software for Industry 4.0

The TOX® Software is the comprehensive solution for the operation of your plants. In addition to pure operation, detailed visualizations and data evaluations can be viewed and processes can be configured - without any programming knowledge.

The software also impresses with its modern, intuitive UI design with dashboard and widget functions. These allow easy customization of the user interface, resulting in screens that are perfectly adapted to each operator. Simply install the software on your Windows PC or use our TOX® UDI Panel . An installation on Linux (x86) is also possible.

In detail

Communication within the network

The middleware functionality of the software gives you the freedom to share your process and quality data in any form: For example, via the cloud or with communication protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA. Archiving on the local hard disk or in the network is also possible. In this way, you always have the upper hand over your data and ensure the traceability of each individual cycle.

Features and configuration

The software has freely definable window and envelope technology. Mathematical functions like kink point detection, integral or hysteresis, incl. calculation functions (+, -, ÷, > ...) complete the features to monitor processes at any time. Due to the intuitive UI, programming knowledge is not even required.

User groups and authorization

Internal company specifications and guidelines on the part of legislators establish strict rules with regard to access levels and change histories. Therefore, the TOX® Software has user groups with different authorizations. For example, machine operator, fitter/service technician, maintenance staff, expert, TOX® Service. Each access level has controlled user rights management and customizable dashboards with appropriate widgets.

Progressive user interface

The look and feel of the user interface corresponds to that of everyday mobile devices, which means that the user can already work independently with the software after a short training period. Thus, the TOX® Software offers an easy start and high usability without time-consuming training.

Available for

TOX® ElectricDrive Core

Modular electro-mechanical servo drive systems with press forces of up to 1000 kN.

Multi Technology Platform

The multi-technology platform forms the common basis on which the TOX® tong systems and their application programs are executed.

TOX® FlexPress Compact

Compact manual workstation with seamless process monitoring