System overview


TOX® Multi Technology Platform - Systemübersicht

One platform, many systems

As an experienced technology and system provider on the market, we offer you the comprehensive system solution for automated tongs and frames for clinching, riveting and inserting functional elements.

The Multi Technology Platform forms the common basis on which the TOX® tong systems and their application programs are executed. It consists of defined components, which are standardized for all systems.

The focus is especially on the software with uniform operation and control as well as the included mechanical components.

Overview of the Multi Ttechnology Platform

It is your choice

Clinching System

Riveting System

Functional Element System

TOX® Multi Technology Platform - SeamStaking System

SeamStaking System

TOX® Multi Technology Platform - die standardisierte Zange TOX® Frame

Intelligent joining tongs

TOX® Frame

Thanks to integrated data management, the standardized TOX® Frame becomes an intelligent clamp in the overall system. All data, such as calibration factors, drive data, maintenance counters, maximum values or the type plate, are stored on a remanent memory.

In order to ensure the widest possible accessibility of a joining tongs to car bodies, parts and components, a selection can be made from a wide catalog.

The tongs are driven by the precise servo presses of the TOX® ElectricDrive series. The electromechanical drive is equipped with a planetary roller thread spindle and adapted to the requirements in automated production environments:

  • short cycle times

  • compact design

  • low weight

The tools are designed to match the technology and the necessary joining task. From strippers and punches for clinching technology to setting heads for semi-tubular self-pierce rivets and a wide variety of setting heads for functional elements of all kinds and their associated dies, everything comes from a single source. TOX® designs, develops and tests the entire spectrum in-house.

Mit der technologieübergreifenden Steuerung TOX® MultiControl können alle Technologiesysteme gesteuert werden

Cross-technology control

TOX® MultiControl

Whether clinching, semi-tubular punch riveting or setting of functional elements: All technology systems can be controlled with the cross-technology control TOX® MultiControl. Thus, this control also offers the possibility to alternately operate different technology systems, such as clinching and HSN systems, docked on one robot.

The setup does not require separate air conditioning under normal conditions. This is clearly reflected in both investment and operating costs. In addition, the enclosed housing ensures a long service life for the electrical components, as the components inside do not become dirty.

The control system also features a very high level of IT security. Due to the complete separation of the real-time control (application) and the software (configuration, visualization, data exports), the system is protected against attacks from outside. This means that no firewall is necessary and the collection of quality data does not affect your real-time system.

TOX® Multi Technology Platform - TOX® Software auf einem Laptop


TOX® Software

The TOX® Software can be installed on your Windows or Linux PC or on the optionally available TOX® UDI Panel, depending on the selected control structure.

Quality data is archived and the middleware functionality of the software enables the transfer to the higher-level, customer IT landscape. Various data export paths and formats are available for this purpose (MQTT, OPC UA).

In addition to the pure operation and visualization of your plant, the TOX® Software additionally extends the system with configuration and parameterization functions for the application: Simply create, without programming knowledge, your desired processes based on the technology screens associated with the technology with all relevant input values.

The TOX® Software also impresses with its modern, intuitive UI design with dashboard and widget functions. These allow an easy individualization of the user interface and thus screens perfectly adapted to the respective operator - visualize process curves, display final values or show notes and errors via texts.

By means of window technology, in which 5 windows per process as well as envelope and warning curves are freely definable, each process can be monitored without gaps. For common processes such as clinching, riveting and setting of functional elements, force-displacement channels are usually monitored.

Der TOX® Feeder stellt für alle Systeme, bei denen Elemente zugeführt werden, die optimale Lösung dar

Feeding technology

TOX® Feeder

The TOX® Feeder is the optimal solution for all systems where elements are fed. The feeders are completely in-house developed, designed, endurance tested and manufactured conveying systems. Due to this approach, the conveyor system achieves outstanding conveying quality in order to sort elements such as semi-tubular self-piercing rivets and functional elements of any kind and to transport them to the tongs or stirrups in the desired position. The focus of the TOX® Feeder is on highest availability.

In general, further functions are implemented to ensure a process-safe and cost-optimized operation:

  • Large hopper volume and design according to the FiFo principle means few, necessary refill intervals of elements.

  • Gentle sorting of the elements and thus little dirt generation.

  • Possibility to discharge the existing and emerging dirt

  • Modularity in order to be able to carry out necessary maintenance activities quickly.

  • Depending on the element, the systems are designed specifically and optimally for the necessary sorting and conveying technology.

Integration into your network

All systems that belong to the Multi Technology Platform can be easily networked via a bus system and integrated into your network in various ways. The key words Industry 4.0 and data management with the associated requirements to be able to connect all relevant information to the customer's IT landscape play a decisive role. Thanks to numerous interfaces, the systems can be excellently integrated into a company network.

The system components communicate with each other via fieldbus. The data collected there makes it possible to continuously monitor and improve the processes. Feedback from the production process can be used for optimizations of the technology parameters. By means of the TOX® Software with middleware functionality, all system data can be stored, filtered and delivered to the customer software via export packages.