Riveting System

Multi Technology Platform

You define the rivet, we supply the system

In case of high technological demands on a component connection, the rivet technologies from TOX® are the right choice. Semi-hollow punch rivets cut through the first material and mold into the following sheet layers. This results in an inseparable joint.

The TOX® Riveting System will predominantly be used in automobile manufacturing. Here, TOX® System Supplier is one of the big players. With extremely high availabilities, a large number of connections on bodies around the world are created by systems and technology know-how from TOX®.

The modular lightweight construction system

Your rivet, our solution

You define the semi-hollow punch rivet – regardless from which manufacturer – and we provide the suitable system technology. Starting with stocking the rivet in the bunker, the conveyor pot in which the rivets are sorted up to the joining tongs, we provide standardized system solutions. Benefit from efficient project management, maximum process reliability and minimized stocking of spare parts.

Progressive feeding technique

Do you know our system, which is independent of rivet lengths? For you, this means: only one conveying hose, one conveyor pot and one loading station - irrespective of rivet length.

The spiral conveyor in the TOX® Feeder is equipped with a sensory incorrect filling control, which detects incorrectly filled rivets. Dirt particles are collected by a separator. This helps to reduce contamination, and higher availabilities can be achieved.

Intelligent tongs

Our system technology, and particularly the joining tongs can implement all technological requirements. With the TOX® Riveting Frame, a rivet can be set to force, position and distance as well as rivet head protrusion and recess.

And the best: Due to a remanent memory, these settings, same as calibration factors, maintenance counters and maximum values, are always stored where needed - directly on the tongs.

User friendliness

One control for all systems. One software for all systems. Reduce the complexity for your employees: The systems of the multi-technology platform can be comprehensively operated and maintained with just one training session thanks to plug-and-play properties and a standardized look.

System technology

System technology follows our customer's requirements:

  • Even difficult accessibility and complex component geometries are easily overcome with tongs with compact designs and low weight, up to tongs with large projections.

  • Flexible system configuration from our standard catalog as stationary, blow feed or dock feed version.

  • Different dies, rivet head designs as well as extensions up to changers are possible.

The TOX® Riveting System consists of the following components:

TOX® Riveting Frame joining tongs with integrated data management. Parameters such as calibration factors and maintenance counters are stored on the tongs, simplifying the setup for quick functioning. Electromechanical drive of the TOX® ElectricDrive series.

TOX® Feeder conveyor technology with modular design, rivet length-independent system and controlled management of contamination.

Rivet filling station and TOX® Loading Station. Here, rivets are stacked and transferred to the tongs.

Conveying hose for flexible, pneumatic conveying of the rivet from feeder to tongs.

TOX® MultiControl control unit for up to 8 feeders and 15 joining tongs in alternation on one robot.

Standardized TOX® Software (middleware, HMI, user interface, process monitoring) and control.

System Configuration - Riveting System

Several configuration options are possible in the HSN system: Design options are a stationary blow feed system, or a robot-controlled blow feed or dock feed system. The respective advantages of the different systems, depending on the application and planned layout, are reflected in the investment costs, cycle times, conveying hose handling or the integration of possible peripheral devices.

TOX® provides the optimum solution for every application and can create the best solution for your system from their broad experience as well as versatile extension options. Possible extensions are for example die changers and drives with higher press force.



Brochure: TOX® Rivet Technology

Semi Hollow Punch Rivet, Full Punch Rivet