Functional Element System

Multi Technology Platform

Funktionselemente wie Muttern, Bolzen, Hülsen, oder Schrauben können in fast jedes Material eingepresst werden. Das von Ihnen definierte Elemente kann mit dem vollautomatisierten TOX® Functional Element System verarbeitet werden.

Small elements, great hold

Functional elements like nuts, bolts, sleeves or screws can be pressed into almost any material. The element defined by you can be processed with the fully automated TOX® Functional Element System. Here, any technological requirement, which involves a pairing of functional element and component, can be realized.

With the TOX® Functional Element System, you will receive the standardized complete system with progressive setting and feeding technology.

Your benefits

Element-specific feeding technology

The feeding technology for your defined element is designed, manufactured, endurance-tested and set up in-house in Weingarten. Customer-specific solutions where it matters, standard solutions where possible - with this credo, you achieve highest availabilities for your Functional Element System.

User friendliness

One control for all systems. One software for all systems. Reduce the complexity for your employees: The systems of the multi-technology platform can be comprehensively operated and maintained with just one training session thanks to plug-and-play properties and a standardized look.

All from one source

The entire system is provided by TOX®, from the sorting and conveyor technology, the frames with drives from TOX® and the setting technology, as well as the tools and control unit and software.

Components, which were developed and validated in-house, ensure smooth processing of all functional elements.

Intelligent tongs

Our systems for the processing of functional elements provide everything to be able to process all elements. However, element-specific processing also means meeting specific technological requirements. Here, different processes with respectively required parameters can be implemented, and additional components can be integrated. This can be lubricating systems, center cutoff ejectors or process release pins.

System technology

System technology follows our customer's requirements:

  • No matter which element needs to be processed, we adapt the system to the required technology, element and component geometries. Highly efficiently, in fact: We draw from a wealth of experience, which has been acquired over decades, and in addition to the setting technology, also develop the feeding technology in-house.

  • Flexible system configuration from our standard range with many ways of using different frames, rivet heads, drives, dies and designs.

The TOX® Functional Element System consists of the following components

Stationary TOX® Functional Element Frame with integrated data management. Parameters such as calibration factors and maintenance counters are stored on the frame, simplifying the setup for quick functioning. Electromechanical drive of the TOX® ElectricDrive series.

TOX® Feeder conveyor technology with modular design, element-specific system and controlled management of contamination.

Conveying hose for flexible, pneumatic conveying of the element from feeder to frame.

TOX® MultiControl control unit separated from the feeding technology, so modules can easily be replaced.

Standardized TOX® Software (middleware, HMI, user interface, process monitoring) and control.

System Configuration - Functional Element System

Functional elements are usually designed as stationary systems. This is due to the required, higher press forces with the resulting larger and heavier system technology, together with the significantly more complex element handling of the many different functional elements being used. The size, along with technological processing and design of the functional elements, as well as components largely specify the system technology. Based on these specifications, TOX® designs the system technology, starting with the conveyor technology, the conveying hose, up to the stationary frame with drive and setting technology. A modular kit, which is flexible in width and depth, is available for individual applications here. The respective requirements can be met here with specially developed sorting and feeding technology and different drive technologies.



Brochure: TOX® Functional Element Technology

System for pressing in fasteners and functional elements