Placing of functional elements


The element determines the procedure

You want to securely press small joining elements such as nuts, bolts or screws into material? Our press-in machines and tools process all kinds of functional elements – from rivets to self-drilling elements. Simply define the element, we supply the equipment!

We provide you with standard procedures to insert functional elements, or develop individually appropriate solutions for your application. The element itself determines the suitable process here.

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Process competence - from distance bolts to pins

What materials can functional elements be inserted into?
Can I save time with the press-fit technology?
What must be observed during the process?
What is important for the further processing of my workpieces?
Which technology is most suitable for my application?

Systems for the placement of functional elements

Functional Element System
Functional Element System
Functional Element System
Functional elements such as nuts, bolts, sleeves, or screws can be pressed into almost any material. The element defined by you can be processed with the fully automated TOX® Functional Element System.
Special machines
Special machines
Special machines
Due to the unique modular design, almost any configuration is possible from the standard press to the individual special machine to meet customer requirements.



Brochure: Functional Element Technology

System for pressing in fasteners and functional elements