The flexible EXe-K

TOX® ElectricDrive Core

Maximum power - compact design

The electromechanical drive TOX® ElectricPowerDrive EXe-K is equipped with a planetary roller screw, which, compared to the recirculating ball screw, allows a more compact design, higher speeds and stronger loads over longer times. As a result, the EXe-K offers the same performance in a smaller package than other servo press drives. The compact design of the drive makes it ideally suited for systems with tight spaces.

In addition, the EXe-K scores with a long service life. Along with the more powerful drive on the market, we offer you reliable service to ensure proper operation of the servo press drive.

CAD data?

CAD data?

We provide you with detailed CAD data for the EXe-K joining module.

Maximale Leistung - kompakte Bauform - Der elektromechanische Antrieb EXe-K ist mit einer Planetenrollengewindespindel ausgestattet, welche im Vergleich zu einer Kugelumlaufspindel eine kompaktere Bauform, höhere Geschwindigkeiten und stärkere Belastungen über längere Zeiten ermöglicht.

In detail

Ideal for industry leaders who value efficiency, precision and reliability. The TOX® ElectricPowerDrive EXe-K is available in the following press force versions: 10 kN / 30 kN / 60 kN / 100 kN / 200 kN

Highlights at a glance:

Available with cleanroom certification. Can be used up to air purity class 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1

High speed and power density

Stroke length: 150 mm / 300 mm / 450 mm

Decentralized collection point of all data via the TOX® EdgeUnit

Precise force measuring with highest measuring accuracy

Optional immobilization or safety brake for manual workstations

Customized configuration possible, for example with total stroke length up to 750 mm

Optimize your drive solution

Safety brake
In the event of a malfunction, the safety brake stops the ElectricPowerDrive and protects against injury. The brake is checked for functionality before each cycle.
Motor holding brake
The motor holding brake prevents the weight-loaded working piston from dropping when the system is de-energized. The motor holding brake is connected via the motor cable included in the cable set.
Clean room design. Can be used up to air purity class 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1.
Engine fan
The EXe servo drives can be equipped with a fan, which cools the motor, if required. This enables a higher power density and thus lower cycle rates.
Long holding times under force
Design optimized for long holding times under force
Protection class IP65
Protected against dust ingress (dust-tight), fully protected against contact, protected against water jets from any angle
Extra short and extra narrow
Short and narrow design for use in limited environments.
Long strokes
TOX® ElectricDrive EXe-K für lange Hübe
Long design for use with long strokes. Up to 750 mm stroke possible.
Lubrication unit
The EZ-K lubrication unit supplies the drive with the correct amount of grease. Optionally available for the EQe and EXe drives.
Force Sensor
In addition to the integrated force sensor, external force sensors (strain gauge or piezo) can be integrated at the customer's request.
Travel measuring system
An external displacement sensor determines the absolute position of a workpiece. The sensor is independent of the bending up of the system.
TOX® UDI Panel
The TOX® UDI Panel is a touch panel with integrated PC and the TOX® Software on a hardened Linux® operating system. It combines the control and visualization of your plant with the storage and processing of the process data.
Attachment kit lubrication position
For shifting the lubrication position to ensure better accessibility for filling lubricant. Optimize the service operation on your TOX® ElectricDrive System!
Shaft encoder
For safe speed. The encoder is evaluated in the customer PLC.
Working piston with threaded holes on the face side
Working piston with threaded holes on the face side
PLe Kit
Assembled and wired ready for operation, where only the 400 V and 24 V power supply and the safety signal have to be wired. A performance level e (PLe) is thus achieved in the overall system.
Nominal force pushing and pulling equal
Design optimized for identical nominal force pushing and pulling
Punching execution
Drive optimized for punching
Increased speed
Achieve shorter cycle times with increased speed execution
Motor with absolute encoder
Displacement measurement by means of absolute encoder


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