Cutting-edge technology is our DNA

TOX® is a technology expert and offers solutions for the most diverse applications.

Through the invention of TOX® Clinching, the joining of sheet metal by cold forming, efficient joining technologies are part of our DNA. Since then, solutions for pressing, riveting, assembling, press-fitting elements and much more have been realized for numerous applications.

Our core competencies

Clinching und eClinching

Clinching is a cold joining process in which two or more layers are joined. eClinching is the term used for the electrically conductive joining process.

Riveting Technologies

In riveting, the fastener is inserted into a drilled or punched hole and caulked.

Functional element insertion

By setting functional elements, fasteners such as nuts, bolts, rivets or screws can be inserted into almost any material.

TOX SeamStaking Technology Icon


This technology guarantees high energy efficiency, low costs and first-class surface qualities.

Pressing and crimping

TOX® guarantees you pressing in and out with absolute precision - from the smallest force ranges up to 2000 kN.


Whether sheet metal, plastic, cardboard, textiles or foils - we have know-how ranging from simple punch presses to highly engineered punching systems.