Splitting, joining or forming materials

Your task

Closed and open cuts, profile cuts, individual or multiple punched holes. Or are you looking for a solution to punch, penetrate and calibrate in one stroke?

Our process

Whether it is sheet metal, plastic, cardboard, textiles or foils – we develop an individual solution together with you. The punching system is based – depending on the requirement – on a press frame or tongs.

Punching is part of the chipless mechanical separating processes. It is particularly suitable for flat workpieces. The material determines here which of the processes is the most efficient: In first place is shear cutting, the processes knife cutting and pinch cutting are rarely used. All have the advantage of machining or producing large quantities of precise and complex workpieces made of metal or other materials in a short time. Shear cutting in particular is suited to the further machining of semi-finished products such as sheet metals, semi-finished parts from the automotive industry or plastic parts from the white goods industry.

Punching of a roof unit

Selection of implemented applications

Home appliances : Punching of the drain of high-quality steel sinks

Mechanical & plant engineering : Punching of tent poles

E-Mobility : Punching of power rails (busbars)

Automotive : Punching of shock absorbers and car doors

TOX: we design, test and check the punching technology you need for your specific application

What we can do for you

We construct, test and check the punch technology you need for your specific application. With this, you can be sure to get a punch system that:

  • creates clean cut edges,

  • precisely guides the tool,

  • needs little installation space – thanks to integrated cutting impact damping,

  • operates fast and quietly and

  • also has an optimum waste management system integrated.

Systems and components for punching