E-Mobility & Batterie


Products for the eMobility and Battery industry by TOX Pressotechnik

Know-how for vehicle, battery and charging station

Electric mobility is a crucial component for a sustainable and climate-friendly traffic image. The government is aiming for a transition to more sustainable mobility by using renewable energies. For the vehicle industry, this means a transformation without precedent. Drives and energy storage systems must be developed and made more efficient at the same time.

Simple and sustainable joining

You will find joining technologies that enable constructive lightweight design with non-weldable materials, for example. Our procedures can also be used to simply and sustainably join components in battery cells – amongst others by means of riveting , clinching , eClinching , press fitting , mounting or pressing . We supply suitable tools , drive and press systems as well as different control units. They make traceability in the entire production process, a smooth procedure as well as seamless process monitoring possible.

Specific problems with regard to battery production such as leakages, decreased cell performance or corrosion and outgassing are resolved by us with know-how and individually adapted systems.



You can find more in-depth information in our whitepaper Battery Production & E-Mobility.

Drives for e-mobility

Auf ganzer Linie effizient - Die Baureihe EQe-K ergänzt die ElectricPowerDrive-Serie mit unterschiedlichen Standardhüben pro Modell.

TOX® ElectricDrive EQe-K

The universal drive for mounting and press-fitting

Maximale Leistung - kompakte Bauform - Der elektromechanische Antrieb EXe-K ist mit einer Planetenrollengewindespindel ausgestattet, welche im Vergleich zu einer Kugelumlaufspindel eine kompaktere Bauform, höhere Geschwindigkeiten und stärkere Belastungen über längere Zeiten ermöglicht.

TOX® ElectricDrive EXe-K

Compact design for higher speeds and high precision

Für high-speed Anwendungen entwickelt - Der EXe-F ist ein elektromechanischer Servoantrieb, der durch seine schnelle Beschleunigung mit Planetenrollengewindespindel eine extrem hohe Dynamik aufweist

TOX® ElectricDrive EXe-F

Extremely fast and highly dynamic (800 mm/s)

Die Servopresse für besonders schwere Aufgaben - Der TOX® ElectricPowerDrive EXe-L ist ein elektromechanischer Servoantrieb mit Planetenrollengewindespindel. Mit seiner fortschrittlichen Technologie und Leistungsfähigkeit ist dieser Antrieb die perfekte Lösung für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen mit sehr hohen Presskräften.

TOX® ElectricDrive EXe-L

Compact bolide for high pressing forces

The most important technologies in focus

Precise and reliable connection technology is essential to ensure battery safety, performance and longevity. The following video illustrates the different technologies.

Example applications in battery production

Technologies in the e-mobility industry


Electrically conductive connections on battery cells or in charging stations

Press fitting

Pressing functional elements into body and battery housing


Interspersing of parts and battery components


Rivet battery module housing


Mounting electronic components on the battery cell

Whitepaper: Battery Production & E-Mobility

Learn how to successfully overcome typical challenges in the production of battery components. In our white paper you will find valuable tips on the production of aluminum battery housings, the avoidance of corrosion and outgassing, and the joining of conductive materials. Get your free copy now.