Press fitting & pressing in


Cold joining

What do ball bearings, chicken nuggets and ophthalmic lenses have in common? Without pressing process, they would not end up on noses, plates or machines in their respective form.

Your task: Use press-in force to join a workpiece and the press-in parts to positively join sheet metals and threaded studs, nuts and sleeves.

The process: Accurate press connections can only be created through complex processes. We supply the components – drives, tools and frames, control unit and systems for quality assurance – for this procedure, which will provide you with a high-quality result at the end.

Ihr Nutzen

TOX® has coordinated complete systems and components: Control unit, monitoring for pressing processes, image processing, measurement technology, quality data acquisition.

  • Pressing in and mounting through force and/or distance

  • Absolute precision

  • High repeat accuracy

  • Significant reduction of the stick-slip effect: the component no longer bounces back

  • Flexible solution: We work together to establish the degree of automation and the component handling.

  • Low component load

  • Low-noise

Selection of implemented applications

  • Pressing of medical filters

  • Pressing in and on of connectors

  • Pressing of ophthalmic lenses

  • Dewatering of raw cheese

  • Stamping in of ball bearings

  • Attachment of circlips

  • Mounting of assemblies

  • Preforming of green compacts

  • Forming of fish fillets

Components and systems for press fitting and pressing in

FlexPress Compact
FlexPress Compact
FlexPress Compact
Flexible use for assembly work of all kinds - the compact manual workstation.
TOX® ElectricDrive
TOX® ElectricDrive
TOX® ElectricDrive
Modular electromechanical servo drive systems with press forces of up to 1000 kN.



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