TOX® eClinching


Electrically optimized clinching

TOX® eClinching is based on the conventional clinch procedure. With this, durable, electrical connections are created by means of numerous metallic microcontacts. These meet the high demands of electrically conductive components – not only in the automotive sector.

Simply efficient

Your task

Establish an electrical connection for power transmitting applications.

Our solution

TOX® eClinching is an efficient technology to join electrically conductive components safely and permanently, and equally mechanically and electrically.

The process

A combination of form fit, frictional contact and material bonding, to avoid relaxation in the contact area.

The secret of eClinching

The secret of eClinching

Our Whitepaper concisely and comprehensively outlines the complete expert know-how on eClinching technology for you. Here, we explain the secret of good conductivity of the eClinch point and answer the question for which electrical components the eClinching technology is suitable. You will also learn about the effects of intense heat in e-mobility and how the tool design works in the field of eClinching.

Your benefits

The procedure is ideally suited to the production and connection of electronic components. Possible uses range from applications of automotive manufacturers, such as the contacting of battery cells via power rails and safety elements up to non-automotive applications, such as light bands.

Compared to conventional solder, welded and screwed connections, TOX® eClinching offers significant advantages, such as:

  • Pretreatment of the surfaces is not necessary

  • Process-supporting heat input is not required

Functions of the TOX® eClinching Technology

Optimum material bonding
Flowing coatings
Consistent conductivity
Relaxations in the contact area
Enlarged contact surface

Back-up fuse box

Control boy for li-ion battery

Auxiliary heater



Broschures and Data sheets

Brochure: TOX® eClinching Technology

Power point with low resistance

Whitepaper: eClinch Technology

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