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Products for the automotive industry by TOX Pressotechnik

Efficient joining at the highest level

The automotive industry is undergoing profound change: Drive technologies are becoming more sustainable, and assistance systems smarter. The usage behavior is also changing: Car sharing is part of an urban mobility concept. Vehicles are highly automated and interlinked. To ensure these technologies can be experienced, the demands placed on the design are increasing at the same time.
The high quality standards remain unchanged, and the expectation to manufacture economically.

From chassis and gearbox to body

TOX® supports accurate, cost-saving and energy-efficient production of automotive manufacturers and OEM parts suppliers. Joining technologies, forming and assembly systems for chassis components as well as gearbox and body are all provided by TOX® – driven by electromechanical or pneumohydraulic drives.

Your material joint is to have a property which cannot be achieved with a single procedure? We also combine several joining technologies to create a hybrid process. One example is the gluing of sheet metal in a screwed, rivet or clinch connection. With the servo presses for the gearbox assembly from TOX®, you save time-consuming setting up of tools. This is because many processes are already pre-programmed in our software package. Contact us – we will decide together how we can make your manufacturing more efficient.



We support you with comprehensive services to operate your systems and machines with maximum reliability and consistent quality. Should any problems arise, our service technicians will help quickly and competently.

Current challenges in the e-mobility sector?

Our answer:

  • Energy-efficient joining technologies

  • Smart drives and presses

  • Operable with intuitive software

For more information, see E-Mobility and Battery .

Which system is best suited for your application?

Multi Technology Platform

The Multi Technology Platform as modular basic system for TOX® gun systems with suitable application software. It consists of standard components for 3 technology systems.

TOX® ElectricDrive

Modular electromechanical servo drive systems with press forces of up to 1000 kN. From single systems to complex drive solutions in special machine construction - we offer perfect concepts for a wide range of processes.

TOX® Powerpackage

The pneumohydraulic drives from TOX® are known worldwide under the name TOX® Powerpackage. The TOX® Powerpackage is an energy-saving pneumatic cylinder with integrated, closed hydraulic system and automatically starting power intensifier.

TOX® FlexPress Compact

Compact manual workstation with seamless process monitoring

Technologies in the automotive industry


Connect busbars electrically conductive for fault currents up to 250A

Press fitting

Pressing electronic components onto control units


The superior manufacturing process for better quality in car body construction


Cutting slugs on circuit boards or printed circuit boards in semiconductor manufacturing punching


Assembling small electronic components using the FlexPress Compact