TOX® has servo press certified for the clean room


In sensitive industries such as medical engineering, the optical industry or electronics, clean room-suitable components are necessary for all processes. This also includes drives. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK can now provide a solution with the servo presses from the ElectricDrive Core series: It corresponds to air purity class 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1.
TOX® lässt Servopresse für den Reinraum zertifizieren

Air purity class 5 in accordance with ISO

Those working in clean rooms must under no circumstances permit any contaminations in the end product. The system operators must meet the high quality demands of their customers, and comply with the tightened clean room conditions on the part of legislators. To meet these requirements, they also demand a certified clean room-suitability with regard to the components used in their systems. This is mandatory for typical applications in medical engineering, the pharmaceutical and optical industry as well as electronics and semiconductor technology. But industries such as renewable energies or aerospace also need this certification with regard to cleanliness suitability. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK is meeting this challenge and is adjusting its servo drives ElectricDrive Core accordingly.

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK commissioned the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation with inspecting the ElectricDrive Core drive. The result: The servo press corresponds to air purity class 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1.

Examined and certified

The drive specialist only needed to make minimal changes to the servo press for this purpose. In the next step, TOX commissioned the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart with the inspection. The result: The ElectricDrive Core drive corresponds to air purity class 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1. “With this clean room certification, we have reached a milestone, which opens new doors for us to applications that require the highest clean room conditions,”, says Marco Nimz, Product Manager at TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. What does this mean for users? The servo drives of the ElectricDrive Core product range can be used for production environments in the clean room. 

Precisely adjustable forces

The electromechanical servo press TOX® ElectricDrive Core is very versatile for users – pressing, joining, testing, compressing, assembling, attaching and many more are possible. The system is a combination of controller, software and drive. Thanks to integrated process monitoring and sensors, users always have full control of the pressing process and quality of their product. They can even reconstruct the force with which a component was pressed years later. Speaking of force – this is constant and precisely adjustable for the ElectricDrive system. Another bonus: Customers no longer need to program the drive themselves before commissioning, but only need to parameterize it. TOX® can already predefine the programs for the plug-and-play-capable system at the factory.

“For us, it was important first of all to show users that they could really use the servo presses of the TOX® ElectricDrive Core series under clean room conditions, says Marco Nimz. In the first step, the IPA tested and certified a specific drive from TOX®. As the mechanical adjustments compared to the standard drives are only minimal, TOX® is planning to have further models certified for the clean room.

The Fraunhofer Institute maintains a database, in which all tested products – including the TOX® ElectricPowerDrive with report number TO 2211-1362 – can be looked up.


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