The cost-efficient line-Q


The priority series with short delivery times

The TOX® Powerpackage line-Q are our most used pneumohydraulic drives. They are reliable, powerful and available in various standard sizes for a wide range of applications. These drives offer all the advantages of a pneumohydraulic cylinder. Added to this are the short delivery times and attractive price of the preferred series.

In addition, we offer a guarantee of 10 million strokes in 12 months with no shift limit.

TOX® Powerpackage line-Q - Types

TOX® Powerpackage Q-S
TOX® Powerpackage Q-S
TOX® Powerpackage Q-S
The slim model range of the line-Q series. These Powerpackages are available in different sizes and with different press forces.

Press force range: 11 kN - 283 kN
Power stroke range: 12 mm - 22 mm
Total stroke: 100 mm

TOX® Powerpackage Q-K
TOX® Powerpackage Q-K
TOX® Powerpackage Q-K
The compact design of the line-Q series. Ideally suited to applications with critical space conditions.

Press force range: 11 kN - 140 kN
Power stroke range: 12 mm - 52 mm
Total stroke: 100 mm / 200 mm


  • Prepared for stroke request

  • Prepared for the attachment of an external travel measuring system

  • Fixed stop with elastomer damping in the forward stroke

  • Patented power bypass: Prevents negative pressure in the oil system, which may be generated during procedures such as punching, shearing etc., or during high stroke speeds

  • Patented, hydraulic end position damping: Enables a low-noise and tool-saving application in the return stroke

  • Double-supported working piston: Ensures an extremely precise guide

  • Absolute separation of air and oil

  • Mechanical spring: The ingenious dual function ensures low energy consumption. No air is required for the return stroke of the intensifier piston, and the automatic filling of the oil reservoir enables assembly of the cylinder in any alignment

  • Optional control versions such as pressure regulator in the power stroke line, external power stroke connection or external power stroke release are available

Optimize your drive solution

Tool coupling
The ZWK tool coupling is screwed directly onto the working piston of the TOX® Powerpackage and forms a flexible connection with the tool. This prevents transverse forces from acting on the cylinder. In addition, the ZWK tool coupling contains an anti-rotation device.
Tool holder with anti-rotation device
The tool holder is mounted on the working piston of the TOX® Powerpackage. The guide bushings in the press frame thus provide reliable anti-rotation protection.
Mini ram
The ZWK tool coupling is included in the scope of delivery of the ZMS mini tappet. This is mounted on the working piston of the TOX® Powerpack. In addition, two bushings in the press frame ensure optimum guidance.
Oil level monitoring
The oil level monitoring ZU measures the oil level inside the TOX® Powerpackage. When the minimum oil level is reached, the integrated indicator pin actuates an optional pneumatic or electric switch. The reset is then carried out manually.
Mounting plate
The front mounting plate (ZFV) can be retrofitted to the TOX® Powerpackages. The rear mounting plate (ZFH) cannot be retrofitted. It can be used with TOX® Powerpackages with larger translator parts A2 > A.
Mounting with rear spherical bearing
The ZGH mount can be used with TOX® Powerpackage with larger translator parts A2 > A and cannot be retrofitted.
Electronic pressure switch
The oil pressure in the high-pressure section of the TOX® Powerpackage is recorded in the electronic pressure switch ZDO and reflected by a 4-digit LED display.
Press force sensor
The ZPS press force sensor can be screwed directly onto the working piston of the TOX® Powerpackage. It can be used to measure pressing forces in tensile and compressive direction. The sensor is protected against dirt and dust.
External displacement encoder
The ZHW external displacement encoder determines the absolute position of the working piston, even after a blackout. By mounting it externally on the tie rods, the mounting position of the displacement measuring system can be adapted to the conditions in the press.
Oil pump
The oil pump guarantees the optimum maintenance concept and long maintenance intervals. It is used for easy, bubble-free filling and lowering of the oil volume of the TOX® Powerpackage. The housing and the filling hose are transparent, allowing continuous oil level monitoring in the pump. No high effort is necessary.
Tool set
Special tool set for mounting and dismounting the seals on the TOX® Powerpackage. The case also contains instructions and tips for handling the tools.

What application do you have?

Example: Connecting the housing parts of washing machines
Setting functional elements
Example: Pressing in threaded bolts, nuts and other elements
Pressing and compacting
Example: Pressing and compacting fuel cell stacks.
Example: Joining two materials by bending
Example: Forming hole in square tube
Example: Clip bearing and snap ring into brake drum at the same time
Example: Crimping of electrodes on pacemakers
Example: Mounting pulleys for electric motors
Hold and tensioning
Example: Pressing plastic parts onto surfaces under heat and holding them in place.
Example: Destructive reaction testing of all types of batteries.
Deep drawing
Example: Shaping car body parts by deep drawing
Embossing and marking
Example: imprinting of foil lettering by means of hot printing machines.


Brochures and data sheets

Brochure: TOX® Powerpackage

TOX® Powerpackage: The pneumohydraulic drive

Data sheet 10.10: TOX® Powerpackage accessories

Electrical and mechanical accessories for the TOX® Powerpackage

Data sheet 10.16: Control units for the TOX® Powerpackage

Stroke adaption for the TOX® Powerpackage

Data sheet 10.50: TOX® Powerpackage line-Q

Type Q-S and Q-K – the preferred series