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Presses for pressing forces up to 2000 kN

Clinching, punching, embossing, pressing and bending - all processes and technologies require stable components that ensure precise tool guidance. We have the suitable solution with the TOX® presses. Whether manual or automated C-frame presses, 2- or 4-column presses - the functional design of the TOX® presses according to the modular principle allows a simple and economical adaptation to your specifications. In addition to stand-alone operation, our press systems can also be combined to form automated solutions.

Are you looking for a compact fully integrated press? For assembly work and small series, our compact manual workstation TOX® FlexPress Compact is ideally suited.

C-frame table presses
C-frame table presses
C-frame table presses
The frames can be perfectly combined with rotary indexing tables and automatic feeding systems. Available in many different sizes and with different technical specifications.

Maximum load: 10 kN - 320 kN

Available in 4 different model ranges

C-frame upright presses
C-frame upright presses
C-frame upright presses
The C-frame presses impress with their slim design, which provides operators with good accessibility from three sides. Perfectly suited to forming, aligning, bending, pressing, stamping and pulling.

Maximum load: 10 kN - 2000 kN

Available in 4 different model ranges

Column presses
Column presses
Column presses
TOX® Column Presses are available as 2-column and 4-column constructions. The symmetrical press construction ensures optimum pressing and punching results, even for very large tool installation spaces.

Maximum load: 10 kN - 2000 kN

Available in 4 different model ranges

C-frame benchtop presses

The slim C-frames provide excellent value for money and are suitable for any types of tool.

  • Robust, torsion-resistant flame-cut steel parts

  • Available as standard in press force ranges up to 320 kN

  • Standardized, modular frames on from stock, numerous assemblies  easy to install and retrofit

  • Can be used as machine/robot frame or as stationary frame

The use of solid flame-cut parts enables a flexible design of the CEB series. It can be used as machine or robot frame or as stationary frame.

The CMB series has a tool plunger guided in linear bearings. This means that no additional tool guidance is required. Ideal for clinching, pressing and punching applications (punching force: 50% of the frame's max. press force)

The MC series with height-adjustable toolroom. It can be used as bench press or for integration into transfer machines and production lines.

The MCC series with stable and reasonably priced cast design is ideal for single presses or in combination with feeding systems.

C-frame upright presses

The upright press frames with a sturdy design are ideally suited to stand-alone machines.

  • Available in press force ranges between 10 kN and 2000 kN

  • Large jaw depth and toolroom

  • Optimized accessibility for inserting and adjusting the workpieces

  • Force sensors can be mounted on the frame

  • Prepared for simple installation of tools

The slim design of the PC series is made possible by the use of our compact TOX® drives . The welded and stress-relieved annealed press body is extremely stable and has a very low deflection.

The stable cast design with large projection results in a very versatile press. The CEC series is ideally suited to long and precise strokes.

The stable welded design of the CEU series with low bending up provides optimum flexibility in its application. The press table is seamlessly height adjustable and dismountable.

Flexible modular system for a universal upright press. The CEJ press frames combine the advantages of robot tongs with those of a stationary press.

Column presses

In case of very large tool installation spaces, the symmetrical press design of the 2- and 4-column construction is ideal.

  • The column construction optimally distributes the load across the entire clamping surface and minimizes bending up

  • With a press force of up to 2000 kN, punching and pressing applications are particularly suitable here

  • Optimum forming results - even with high workloads and large workpieces

High load-bearing capacity with small dimensions. This can be optimally realized with the 2-column press MB. The MBG series additionally provides a larger tool installation space.

Robust 4-column press MA with optimum load distribution across the entire tool clamping surface and minimum symmetrical bending up. The MAG series additionally provides a larger tool installation space.

CAD data?

CAD data?

We make detailed CAD data about the press frames available to you.


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C-Frames, 2- and 4 colum presses from 2- 2000 kN