SeamStaking System

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SeamStaking System

Green efficiency: SeamStaking in vehicle construction

Our innovative TOX® SeamStaking technology is mainly used in vehicle construction. For components that must not be moved against each other during the production process, the SeamStaking system provides a temporary fixation by means of a local form fit.

Compared to conventional systems, TOX® SeamStaking offers numerous advantages for your production. These include high energy efficiency, low system and operating costs and first-class surface qualities.

The use of this technology not only increases the efficiency of your production processes, but also ensures more environmentally friendly production.

Your benefits

Highest technological quality

Precise system technology and coordinated, controlled processes ensure that the necessary technological quality is achieved. With the system and the cold joining technology, the processes are cost-effective, energy- and resource-saving and no reworking is required at the joint.

Production safety

Like all TOX® Technology systems, our system offers you integrated process monitoring with a wide range of evaluation options. This guarantees maximum production reliability. In combination with the highest technical availability of the system technology, you are ideally equipped with this system.


One controller for all systems. One software for all systems. Thanks to plug-and-play features and a uniform look and feel, the systems of the Multi Technology Platform can be operated and maintained comprehensively with just one training course.

Standardized modules

The TOX® SeamStaking System consists of standardized modules. This enables us to offer you cost-optimized systems and to respond optimally to time-critical requirements.

SeamStaking System

System technology

The system technology follows the requirements of our customers:

  • Benefit from space-saving and lightweight designs with optimum accessibility to achieve maximum benefit even in confined spaces.

  • It is possible to design a flexible system structure that enables various access options within a system.

The TOX® SeamStaking System consists of the following components:

  • The TOX® SeamStaking Frame offers integrated data management. Values such as calibration factors and maintenance counters are stored on the clamp, making set-up quick and easy. Equipped with the electromechanical drive of the TOX® ElectricDrive series, the shortest cycle times are realized.

  • TOX® MultiControl

  • Standardized TOX® software (middleware, HMI, user interface, process monitoring)

System configuration - SeamStaking System

The TOX® SeamStaking tongs are usually designed as robotic tongs. Your components are fixed in geostations using clamps and then processed using the TOX® Tongs. Important applications include fixing components in seams, such as automotive components like doors and hoods. We would be happy to assist you with the individual planning of your application.

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