Commercial vehicles


Products for the commercial vehicle industry by TOX Pressotechnik

Flexible joining in the commercial vehicle industry

International trade is growing, consumer habits are changing, urbanization is progressing – these are just some of the drivers for the growing demand for trucks, coaches and trailers. The challenge for you as commercial vehicle manufacturer compared to car manufacturing: the degree of automation is lower, the range of types bigger. This requires flexible work processes, simple retooling and fast process configuration.

We use clinching and punch rivet technologies to optimize your assembly processes and support you in significantly reducing the weight of the commercial vehicles. Describe your requirement to us, we assist you with joining technologies, drive and press systems as well as software for seamless process monitoring – for an efficient, reliable and sustainable production.

Reduce weight and produce CO2-neutral

A more sustainable mobility requires lighter commercial vehicles with a CO2 footprint as low as possible. This works with the cold joining processes from TOX®, which perform a lot better compared to the often used welding. Why? Find out about it in our Comparison of welding versus clinching .

Applications for which our products are already being used

Motor assembly

Joining of valve seat guides and valve seats

Joining injectors

oil pump assembly

joining balls

Wheelset and chassis assembly

Joining wheel bearings

Joining rubber-metal dampers in chassis components

Rolling of spherical elements

Assembly of sealing elements and functional testing of shock absorbers

Wheel carrier

Joining processes in wheel carrier assembly

Wheel carrier assembly, joining the axle journal to force, pressing out the axle journal and archiving the force curve as a quality criterion

Inner space

Punching of refrigeration/air conditioning sheets

Clinching the center console

Semi-trailers and trailers

Clinching rear wing doors and trailer guidance systems


Clinching tank straps

Your application is not listed?

Your application is not listed?

Contact us and tell us your requirements. We are happy to be there for you and support you in the area of commercial vehicles.

Which system is best suited for your application?

Multi Technology Platform

The Multi Technology Platform as modular basic system for TOX® gun systems with suitable application software. It consists of standard components for 3 technology systems.

TOX® ElectricDrive

Modular electromechanical servo drive systems with press forces of up to 1000 kN. From single systems to complex drive solutions in special machine construction - we offer perfect concepts for a wide range of processes.

TOX® Powerpackage

The pneumohydraulic drives from TOX® are known worldwide under the name TOX® Powerpackage. The TOX® Powerpackage is an energy-saving pneumatic cylinder with integrated, closed hydraulic system and automatically starting power intensifier.

TOX® FlexPress Compact

Compact manual workstation with seamless process monitoring

Technologies in commercial vehicle construction


Connect heating parts in an electrically conductive manner

Press fitting

Pressing in of functional elements and functional components


Connect housing parts


Cutting off slugs on printed circuit boards or conductor boards in semiconductor production


Assemble small electronic components using the FlexPress Compact