Solar industry


Products for the solar industry by TOX Pressotechnik

Connections for a sunny outlook

Climate in crisis – on the way to climate neutrality, solar energy plays an important role. This environmentally friendly energy source relies on powerful solar cells and their reliable assembly. Production of the modules is now fully automatic and is performed in large quantities to meet the growing demand. However, material shortages, rising raw material prices and high energy costs create problems. The processes from component manufacturing to system assembly require rethinking.

Sturdy sheet metals for solar modules and electronic components

We support the solar industry – whether this concerns the production of solar cells or electronic components or subsequent assembly. We provide suitable technologies such as clinching for the joining of sheet metals or the insertion of elements and rivets. eClinching creates electrically conductive connections. We can easily integrate our products and systems, such as our servo presses for example, into any production environment. The TOX® Software can be flexibly configured and monitors all processes.

Technologies for your connections

Solar cell manufacturing and assembly:
Solar modules, mounting racks, module clamps

  • Clinching: This joining process is particularly flexible with regard to materials, material combinations, material strengths and surface quality.

  • Insertion of elements and rivets: With this, functional, retaining and fastening elements such as rivets, bolts/threaded studs or nuts can be inserted in sheet metals.

Electronic components:
Inverters, control systems, battery storage

  • eClinching: The ideal procedure for electrically conductive connections – thanks to enlarged contact surface and excellent material connections.

Technologies in the solar industry


Connect heating parts in an electrically conductive manner

Press fitting

Pressing in of functional elements and functional components


Connect housing parts


Cutting off slugs on printed circuit boards or conductor boards in semiconductor production


Assemble small electronic components using the FlexPress Compact