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Products for the hydrogen and fuell cell industry by TOX Pressotechnik

TOX® in use for the production and use of hydrogen

In the recent past, hydrogen has been in the spotlight as one of the hopefuls of the energy transition. Both for clean and climate-neutral energy generation and for meeting the increasingly stringent CO2 targets. The national political course has already been set and the international community is joining forces in the form of research, project and trade cooperation.

TOX fuelcell stack

The methods of hydrogen production already in commercial use, PEM electrolysis (Proton Exchange Membrane) and alkaline electrolysis, are being expanded by new technologies such as AEM electrolysis (Anion Exchange Membrane AEM) and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). And the requirements in terms of current density, operating temperature, pressure in the cell and stack size are also steadily increasing.

What is required now is the cost-efficient manufacturing of products for the production and use of hydrogen with a significant increase in capacity - from small series with a large number of manual process steps, to automated series production. Here TOX® is at your side with technology know-how, joining modules and complete presses.

How TOX® makes your production of electrolytic cells, electrolyzers and fuel cell stacks more efficient

Inspection of upstream production parts, feeding of components (pre-assembly).

Pressing and holding the stacks with forces of up to 1000 kN over a defined period of time.

Maximum worker safety during manual bolting of the stacks.

  • Permanent monitoring and documentation of the process - pre-stroke, pressing process, return stroke.

Strokes even of more than 1000 mm.

We understand the industry challenges of electrolytic cells, electrolyzers and fuel cell stacks.

These process requirements result in a wide range of applications for our products, such as the electromechanical servo press system TOX® ElectricDrive Core . With the complete system, consisting of the powerful drive, the controller and the intelligent software, we provide the solution for your clean room environment to scale the production of electrolyzers and fuel cells.

Tailored for your industry

Force and regulation
Process monitoring and quality data
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Let us talk

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Technologies at a glance


Connect heating parts electrically conductive

Press fitting

Pressing electrical components onto control units


Connect housing parts


Cutting slugs on circuit boards or printed circuit boards in semiconductor manufacturing punching


Assembling small electronic components using the FlexPress Compact