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Products for the electrical and elecronical industry by TOX Pressotechnik

Fine, precise and clean – know-how for the electrical industry

Manufacturers of electronic components are faced with challenges: Processes are getting ever more complex, multi-faceted and filigree. At the same time, the demands of customers with regard to quality, performance and feature set of the products are increasing.

With our servo press drives , the assembly workstation FlexPress Compact and customized special machines, we enable smooth and efficient production. Technologies such as eClinching , which creates electrically conductive connections, and other molding and joining processes such as clinching , pressing, assembling, or the introduction of functional elements increase productivity in the production of electronic components.

Your topics - our solutions

Clean room/ purity classes

Your production process requires high cleanliness classes or you can only manufacture your products in a clean room? We provide you with the electric drive of type EXe-K . The Fraunhofer Institute has subjected this servo press to a particle measurement and confirmed it: The drive achieves purity class ISO 5 and is thus suitable for clean rooms.


The many innovations in the electronics industry result in extremely short lifecycles and customized manufacturing. The numerous small and smallest series require high flexibility. Using the powerful TOX® Software , you can configure your processes ad hoc and adapt them at any time.

Dynamic force and torque measurement

TOX® Process Monitoring provides all options for the measurement, analysis and storage of processes. You can use these to directly identify possible errors and defects specific to the component and also seamlessly prove all process steps.

Precision and speed

Internal and external force sensors make our servo presses of the ElectricDrive Core series extremely accurate. For example, the drive EXe-F is available as a high-speed version, which achieves a speed of 800 m/s.

Different force ranges

Our servo presses and pneumohydraulic drives generate a force of 0.02 kN for small tasks and up to 2,000 kN.

Checking, measuring and testing

Is the quality ok? We measure, check and test the parts of the upstream production as well as the finished components. This means errors are identified quickly, but material and component fluctuations are also quickly uncovered.

Acquisition, visualization and interpretation of measurement data

The TOX® Universal Data Interface (UDI) - more than just an HMI touch panel: It combines the control and visualization of your system with the storage and processing of the process data.

Which system is best suited for your application?

Multi Technology Platform

The Multi Technology Platform as modular basic system for TOX® gun systems with suitable application software. It consists of standard components for 3 technology systems.

TOX® ElectricDrive

Modular electromechanical servo drive systems with press forces of up to 1000 kN. From single systems to complex drive solutions in special machine construction - we offer perfect concepts for a wide range of processes.

TOX® Powerpackage

The pneumohydraulic drives from TOX® are known worldwide under the name TOX® Powerpackage. The TOX® Powerpackage is an energy-saving pneumatic cylinder with integrated, closed hydraulic system and automatically starting power intensifier.

TOX® FlexPress Compact

Compact manual workstation with seamless process monitoring

Our applications in the electronics industry


Electrically conductive connection of heating parts

Press fitting

Press fitting of electronic components on control units


Joining housing parts


Center cutoff on boards or punching of conductor plates in semiconductor manufacturing


Mounting of small electronic components using the FlexPress Compact